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Civil Affairs &  Humanities courses Section Autonomous administration, elections, village administration, community activity center management, district government advisory committees and related affairs, indigenous and Hakka affairs administration, military administration, folk customs and religious rituals, civil defense, disaster prevention and relief, lands, 37.5% arable rent reduction, environmental health, cemetery management, mediation services, population policy advocacy and immigration counseling, celebrations and festivals, heritage sites and historical documents, education and culture, national sports, sports stadiums maintenance management, culture and arts, community arts, tourism advocacy, library management , book borrowing, cultural premises maintenance, social education for lifelong learning and other relevant cultural affairs.
General Affairs Section  Document management, transaction management, property management, worker management, office management, procurement, treasury, taxation, seals, archives, legal affairs, state compensation, appeal, research and development, information management, public relations, administrative reform, and services for the convenience of citizens.
Accounting Office  Compilation of budget, accounting and administrative affairs, transaction processing, internal audit processing, accounting records management, compilation and sorting, field surveys, and official statistics processing.
Economic Construction Section Industrial and commercial affairs management, public utilities, fair trade, consumer protection, metrology services, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries, promotion of agriculture, pesticide management, agricultural affairs investigation, animal epidemic prevention, animal husbandry administration, conservation, water conservation, agricultural road improvements, redistricting farmlands, parks and public facilities landscaping management.
Public Works  Section  Civil engineering management, road maintenance, water engineering, public facilities, sewer construction, minordrainage construction, investigation and reporting of  illegal buildings, construction management, city planning, street management, urban planning, urban renewal, non-urban land control, traffic management, parking management and other matters related to basic construction.
Social Affairs Section  Social administration management, social assistance, social welfare, community development, medical subsidy, emergency assistance, mid/low-income households subsidy, community care centers, counseling for social groups, housing and counseling for the  homeless, national health insurance (5th and 6th category), public charity, elderlies in need and victim shelters and settlement, labor administration, employment counseling. 
Personnel Office  Organizational division, verification, status, performance appraisal, rewards and demerits, evaluations and training, study abroad, services, treatment, welfare, insurance, retirement pension, surveys and statistics, and work simplification.
Civil  Service Ethics Office Maintenance of governmental confidentiality, protection and defence, corruption prevention, investigation and reporting of illegal affairs.