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In geomancy, Xinying is said to enjoy a "Place of Power" in the form of a swan. The swans eye is the Tian-e Lake ("Tian-e" means swan.), its belly the Jiaotongtai in the downtown area, and its tail is where the Taizihgong Temple and the Tiesianciao area are located. The Tian-e Lake is named after this legend. Tian-e Lake used to be called Piliaopi, which occupies an area of 13 hectares. It was origi-nally under the custody of the Jianan Irrigation Association to provide water for the nearby fields. Re-cently,the district office has endeavored to improve its scenery by constructing an arch-bridge, resting pavilion, a boardwalk around the lake, a picnicking area , water-lily garden, and additional greenery. The landscape is thus beautified and has become a major sightseeing spot in Xinying. Efforts are con-tinuously made to improve the Tian-e Lake area. Ecological landscape is planned for the east part of the lake. After the floating island is completed, swans and other water fowls will be introduced to make the lake a real "Swan Lake". A boardwalk will also be constructed surrounding the lake, the total length of which comes to two kilometers or so. The district office will also improve the landscape lighting as well as maintain the recreation facilities. Thereafter, it will undoubtedly become the most welcomed leisure park.